Our Story

Roy Steinberg’s golf apparel business was in full swing in Albany, Georgia, but his business needed additional cash flow to increase inventory and meet demand. With guidance from the University of Georgia Small Business Development Center, Steinberg was able to develop a strong financial plan to refinance existing loans and improve cash flow. His hard work paid off—sales for his business, Steinberg Sportswear, have tripled.

Originally from Israel, Steinberg came to the United States on a golf scholarship at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida. His love for the game and its apparel led him to a career in the golf apparel industry, working in Atlanta and New York. During that time, he learned the apparel business and the manufacturing process while developing strong connections and mentors along the way. Steinberg took note of the evolution of golf attire—the transformation from a uniform of khaki pants and a collared shirt to a more casual style that allows customers to express themselves through fabrics, colors and patterns.

Steinberg knew it was difficult for smaller retail shops to compete with online prices for high-end golf shirts, as in-store inventory was often available online at a lower price point.

His solution was Steinberg Sportswear: a private label supplier giving clothing stores the ability to create their own line and brand, then selling directly to their customers.

“I developed a private label option that will allow these stores the ability to buy the same quality shirt as these top brands, if not better, at a lower price and apply their own label and branding,” said Steinberg.

He set up shop in a warehouse in downtown Albany, Georgia, and began purchasing high-quality wholesale shirts internationally. He stocked his warehouse with embroidery and sewing machines, giving him the ability to label and apply custom brands to the shirts locally. Those efforts kept costs down, increased the customer base and led to higher profits.

Steinberg first partnered with boutique retail shops. Soon, stores all over the Southeast began to take notice, with many creating customized apparel options unique to their store.

In addition, local businesses owners began contacting him to get their business logo embroidered on Steinberg’s shirts for their employees.